Club Dances


Last Chance Squares is primarily a mainstream dance club with a few plus tips hrown in for good measures. Rounds are cued between tips.  We dance on the first and third Saturday each month.  During the weeks we have lessons we have a mainstream/plus tip or two after lessons on Mondays. Once lessons have been completed we also have a mainstream dance most Monday evenings.  Saturdays are ocassionally a special-themed dance starting at 6:30 pm and ocassionally include a potluck.  Click on the Calendar link above to get more information on specific dances.  We meet at the following location at the corner of Hollins Ave. and Garfield St.

Broadwater Elementary School
900 Hollins AvenueLive Lively-Square Dance
Helena, MT 89601

The cost is $5.00 per adult ages 18 and older or $10 per couple.  All kids ages 17 and younger dance for half price at $2.50 as decided at our 9/7/13 club meeting.

We genuinely have a good time so come join in the fun!

New Dancer Lessons


Beginners Lessons begin the third Monday in September each year.  Each lesson is $5.00 per person age 18 and older or $3.00 age 17 and younger.  A second class may begin in January.

Experienced club dancers are encouraged to come and help out as "Angels."  Their dancing helps new dancers so they can learn the new moves each week and makes sure that we have full squares.  There is a $5 charge for club dancers to dance and help out with the classes.  There may be a couple of plus tips called after lessons for club members.

Lessons are weekly on Mondays from 6:30 to 8:30 pm.  We meet at the same place as where club dances are held:

Broadwater Elementary School
900 Hollins Avenue
Helena, MT 89601


2019 Summer Dances

There are three summer dances planned.  All will be held at the Hamilton Building at the Lewis and Clark Fairgrounds.  Potluck will be at 6 PM and dancing will start at 7 PM.  Glen Tusler will call and cue.  This will be a Mainstream Dance with Plus Tips.

Wednesday, June 19

Thursday, July 18

Wednesday, August 21

Why Should I Square Dance?

Are you bored in the evenings?  Would you like to do something that’s fun and yet provides some form of exercise and social life at the same time?  Have you ever considered square dancing?  “Me dance?  No way!” you say.

Do any of these reasons sound familiar to you as an excuse for not dancing?  “I have two left feet.” “It’s too hard.”  “It’s old fashioned and boring.””  I don’t have a partner.”  “I’m too old” or “I’m too young.”  I don’t have the right kind of clothes.”  Well lots of square dancers have said the same things before they started dancing too,.

Watch this video and see if you can relate.  Maybe like Jim and Nancy in this video you’ll change your mind about square dancing and come try it.  If so, then contact Shirlie (406-431-6548) or Glen (406-227-6163) from Last Chance Squares for more information about lessons and club dances.