Club Dances

Last Chance Squares is primarily a mainstream dance club with a few plus tips thrown in for good measures. Rounds are cued between tips.  We  dance on the first and third Saturday each month.  During the weeks we have lessons we have a mainstream/plus tip or two after lessons on Mondays. Once lessons have been completed we also have a mainstream dance most Monday evenings.  Saturdays are ocassionally a special-themed dance starting at 6:30 pm and ocassionally include a potluck.  Click on the Calendar link above to get more information.  We meet at the following location at the corner of Hollins Ave. and Garfield St.

Broadwater Elementary School
900 Hollins AvenueLive Lively-Square Dance
Helena, MT 89601

The cost is $5.00 per adult ages 18 and older or $10 per couple.  All kids ages 17 and younger dance for half price at $2.50 as decided at our 9/7/13 club meeting.

We genuinely have a good time so come join in the fun!