Helena Contra Dancers

Dance ScheduleHelena Contra Dancers

The Helena Contra Dancers generally meet on the second Saturday of each month beginning in September going through April.  Dances begin at 7:30 pm with workshop for new dancers and dancing begins at 8 pm and continues until 10:30 pm.

Date Band Caller Notes
September 21, 2013 WMD’s Bev Young, Missoula
October 12, 2013 Skippin’ a Groove, Missoula Morna Leonard
November 9, 2013 Helena Handbasket Janet Grove
December 7, 2012 WMDs Rosanna Finley, Helena
January 11. 2014 Sassafrass Stomp from Montana and Maine Rab Cummings
February 8, 2014 Helena Handbasket Rosanna Finley, Helena
March  8, 2014 Helena Handbasket Bev Young
April 12, 2014 Balled in Burlap Janet Grove

We all enjoy treats during the breaks and between contras, so if you would like to bring something to share, that would be great.  Also to save on paper cups, please bring your own water bottle that you can fill up from our cooler.  Please avoid wearing shoes with black rubber soles that will leave scuff marks on the floor.


The Helena Contra Dancers will be meeting at at the Placer Hotel located at 21 North Last Chance Gulch.  Parking is located along Jackson St., in nearby city parking lots (free after 5 pm), or in the new parking garage (also free after 5 pm).


The price at the door per dance is $8.

Annual memberships will be offered for $20 per individual or $35 per family.  Those with memberships will receibe a $1 discount off the door price at each dance.  Memberships will help sponsor the group as well.

LinksContra Swing

Here are some links to other websites or videos about contra and folk dancing.

Contra Dancers Contact Information

If you need information about the Helena Contra Dancers, please contract Amie Butler at 4224greenacres@mt.net or 406-495-0935.