Helena Contra Dancers

We Have a New Dance Hall!

We have been very lucky to have located a new facility to dance in this year.  The Cottonwood School at 322 Front Street across from Valley Bank has offered us the use of their facility initially for free. It has a very nice wooden floor, kitchen, bathrooms and extra class rooms.  There's no stage but there is space for the bands by the front door.  We have located two sound systems, one is free and the other has a low fee. 

So people, we are now looking to find bands and callers and set up a dance schedule for this year starting with a Christmas gala on Dec 14.  So get ready to put on your dancing shoes!  If you would like to help with planning this season, please contact us. The more the merrier!

Can anyone make us a standing placard to put out on the sidewalk saying "Contra Dance Tonight!" It would be nice to help identify the dance hall and let folks know we are there.

Also we are talking with Carroll College about the possibility of having some study break contra dances on campus.  Are you interested? These would be separate from our regular dances.  We will keep you posted on the progress on this possibility.

Please note that emails about upcoming dances will be coming from a different email address.  So keep an eye for them.  Sandra Miken will be in charge of sending those out.

Dance Details

The main dance will be from 7:30-10:30 as usual.   

2019-20 Dance ScheduleHelena Contra Dancers

The Helena Contra Dancers generally meets on the second Saturday of each month beginning in October going through April.  Dances begin at 7:30 pm with workshop for new dancers and dancing begins at 8 pm and continues until 10:30 pm.

Date Band Caller Notes
No Sept 2019 Dance scheduled      
No October 2019 Dance scheduled     TBD
No November  2019 Dance scheduled     TBD
December 14, 2019   Robyn Lauster, Bozeman TBD
January 11, 2020 Sassafras Stomp, Maine & Helena   TBD
February 8, 2020     TBD
March 14, 2020     TBD
April 11, 2020     TBD
May 9, 2020     TBD

We all enjoy treats during the breaks and between contras, so if you would like to bring something to share, that would be great.  Also to save on paper cups, please bring your own water bottle that you can fill up from our cooler.  Please avoid wearing shoes with black rubber soles that will leave scuff marks on the beautiful wooden floor at our new location. Also some people are sensitive to perfumes, so avoid or go light on wearing scented products.


The Helena Contra Dancers are dancing at a location with a wood floor and great acoustics this year.  We will be meeting at the Cottonwood School at 322 Front St.  Parking is located along Front Street, nearby bank parking lots and the school's parking lot behind the building.. 


The price at the door per dance is $10 or $20 per family.  Family dances are $25 per family (includes at least one parent with 2 or more children); price does not include regular contra dance later that evening. Students (middle school through college w/ID are $7).

For more contra dance information contact Kathy Johnson at 459-7984 or lastchancesquares@gmail.com.

LinksContra Swing

Here are some links to other websites or videos about contra and folk dancing.


 Contra Dancers Contact Information

If you need information about the Helena Contra Dancers, please contract  Kathy Johnson at lastchancesquares@gmail.com or 406-459-7984.