National Square Dance Conventions

Square dancers can dance their feet off or maybe just the soles of their shoes at a national conventions.  Dancing usually begins officially Thursday morning and goes until 10 pm Saturday night. Yes it stops for sleep every night, but there may be after parties going on unofficially some nights.  However, unlike most square dances there is often a live band for the main hall during at least one night and sometimes all three nights.  for most dancers that is a real treat.

As with most major dances there are trails-in dances in a variety of nearby locations in the days and week or two before the convention and some trails-out dances for a few days afterwards. There are often tours to nearby scenic locations and parks or even cruises.

There are square and round dances held for everyone who dances at just about any level of dancing.  And there are also sessions held for those who enjoy clogging and contra dances as well.  Numerous shops are there to help you add to your apparel and shoes or whatever square dance things you might find you need.  There are even classes on sewing square dance outfits. If you're interested in learning more about keeping your club going or how to become a caller or cuer you might even find some classes on those topics as well.

Whatever your interest in square dancing and your level of experience and dancing you are sure to find something enjoyable at a national convention.  Something more than sore feet that's for sure!

Click on the links below to take you to the information pages for the conventions for years or locations you are interested in.

68th National Square Dance Convention, Atlanta, GE, June 36-38, 2019

69th National Square Dance Convention, Spokane, WA, June 17-20, 2020