Why Should I Square Dance?

Are you bored in the evenings?  Would you like to do something that’s fun and yet provides some form of exercise and social life at the same time?  Have you ever considered square dancing?  “Me dance?  No way!” you say.

Do any of these reasons sound familiar to you as an excuse for not dancing?  “I have two left feet.” “It’s too hard.”  “It’s old fashioned and boring.””  I don’t have a partner.”  “I’m too old” or “I’m too young.”  I don’t have the right kind of clothes.”  Well lots of square dancers have said the same things before they started dancing too,.

Watch this video and see if you can relate.  Maybe like Jim and Nancy in this video you’ll change your mind about square dancing and come try it.  If so, then contact Shirlie (406-431-6548) or Glen (406-227-6163) from Last Chance Squares for more information about lessons and club dances.